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Kreston's - Wilmington
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Monday-Saturday: 9 AM - 9 PM
Sunday: 12 PM - 4 PM
Kreston's - Middletown
448 East Main Street
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From Prohibition's Repeal...


Don Kreston & New Building Facade in 70'sto the Present Day...



Founder Samuel KrestonEstablished bySamuel Krestonin 1933,"Kreston Liquor Mart," now Kreston Wine & Spirits is underthe third generation of Kreston family ownership and management. Known from the very beginning for its superior customer service and huge selection, the Kreston Wine & Spirits of today, though larger in physical plant, is very much like the Kreston's of yesteryear.Take a look at some of the Pictures and Newspaper clippings in our Scrap Book below. It's a look at an era gone by in time, but alive in the application of its philosophy.

'The Ad at left, from the early 1940's, sums up Sam Kreston's philosophy of retailing:
"~We believe that Quality and Good Taste are inseparable.
~We believe that quality is essential. There is no place in
our store for merchandise that will not give satisfaction to
our customers
~We are proud of our reputation as a 'Friendly Store' and believe that this reputation is the result of the type of service which we have given our customers throughout the years."
That's quite a mouthful, and it's stood us in good stead for nearly 70 years.
"When it ain't broke, don't fix it!" isn't a phrase uttered by any Kreston that we've known, but it certainly applies here.


Kreston's has always stood in the forefront of innovative merchandising techniques. From it's earliest times, large displays made for eye catching Newspaper Ads, as some of these earliest examples illustrate. The Gentlemen featured in these ads are Kreston's earliest "Staff":Samuel Kreston,Dick CunninghamandOlin Webb. These are the men that first planted and cultivated the seed that has become Delaware's Largest and Finest Beverage Storeserving the Tri-State Area for over seven decades!


Kreston's location has been a center of commerce going back to Wilmington's earliest days. Indeed, the back parking lot at Kreston's was once the location for the Toll House for Concord Avenue. Payment here was required in order to gain access to this toll road leading out of the Wilmington of yesteryear.
If you should have any pictures of the Concord Avenue from these early times, please share them with us.

The Kreston family history began at this location in 1927 when Samuel Kreston's father opened his family's Auto Repair business on Concord Avenue at this location.

1933:The Birth of a Wilmington Institution
The original "Kreston Liquor Mart", now Kreston Wine & Spirits occupied the area that is now Don and Bob's office in the Concord Avenue store. Only 14' x 16' in size, it was adequate for the business during the years of World War II. Because of the rationing necessary for the war's effort, deliveries would come to Samuel on Monday morning. He would then get on the phone to his customers, and these stocks would be depleted by the day's end. Samuel would then retire to the Auto Repair Shop next door to continue making his living and providing for his family. It was not until the War's end that he would work exclusively in the liquor store.
Kreston's Early Store Facade But in 1945 the store was expanded to 2125 square feet. A picture of that facility appears at left, and the original store would be in the area to the right in the photo, with the "new" Kreston's on the left. It was after this expansion that Samuel Kreston decided to utilize newspaper advertising to increase his business outside of the immediate neighborhood where Kreston's is located. It was still a new business, just out of the throes of Prohibition and this concept was innovative for the fledgling industry. In these advertisements, examples which appear above, Sam Kreston's personal beliefs became his business policies and a tradition of Service is born.

The 1950's: "Our Customers can spend their hard-earned money anywhere they choose; we must give them cause to spend it with us."Don Kreston
And the years progressed. Kreston Liquor Mart become A Young Don Kreston's First Day!famous in the area for putting into practice the philosophy of quality product and superior customer service at a fair and competitive price. And in it's 23rd year in 1956, Kreston Liquor Mart saw Samuel's son Donald come onboard and become the second generation of Kreston to contribute to the growth of the wine and spirits-based organization. He was also the third generation of Kreston to operate a business from this location on the Concord Pike. Below are some photos from this era featuring Don and the late Joe McLaughlin, Kreston's first Wine Manager.

The 1960's to the Present Day: A Time for Expansion
There have been many expansions over the years. The First Wine Room was constructed in 1960. A much larger addition to accommodate the then growing list of available fine wines was added in 1972. And the last major project, completed in 1984, added a second-story warehouse and temperature-controlled wine storage facility, bringing the total area for storage and display to over 10,000 square feet. 1997 saw a "freshening up" of the Store's interior, with new carpeting and the installation of new shelving throughout the wine display areas, enabling us to increase our offerings of fine wines by nearly 30%. The 1999 acquisition of an adjacent residential property awaits final planning and renovation and may eventually become our new Wine Tasting Center with rooms for Wine Tastings and Wine Education gatherings along with additional storage.

And the "firsts" continued. Kreston's was the first area retailer to explore the uses of the then new "PC" computers in the operation of a beverage business. First also in utilizing billboard advertising among the liquor and wine trade. First to install UPC scanning equipment and to fully computerize inventory and purchasing functions. Some photos of these events and expansions along with shots of the Kreston's Staffs from the 60's through 80's appear below.

This vision of Sam Kreston, expanded by his son Don is now put into practice by the third generation of the Kreston Family, Robert, and presently employs a staff of 20. Kreston Liquor Mart has been named a "Best of Delaware" wine stop byDelaware Today magazine for 20 years running, and is THE place for fine wines in the Food & Wine's "Top Wine Shop in America" Awardtri-State area. With a selection that now exceeds 6000 different wines from throughout the World, along with a full complement of Spirits and Cordials and with hundreds of Micro-Brewed Beers,Kreston's has what the discriminating consumer is looking for. Named a "Market Watch Leader" by Market Watch magazine in 1992 and "Retailer of the Year" by industry leaders Heublein and Brown Forman, Kreston's has also been singled out by the National Association of Beverage Retailers as a top US retailer for the last five years running. And Kreston's was signaled out as one of the top wine shops in the US by Food and Wine Magazinein 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and again in 2003. All of which illustrates the continued application of that basic philosophy espoused by our founder those many, many years ago:

'"~We believe that Quality and Good Taste are inseparable.
~We believe that quality is essential. There is no place in
our store for merchandise that will not give satisfaction to
our customers
~We are proud of our reputation as a 'Friendly Store'
and believe that this reputation is the result of the
type of service which we have given our customers
throughout the years.
" Sam Kreston

Come and Experience the Kreston Difference. It's Serviceby a staff that enjoys what they do and are genuinely glad to see you, Selectionfrom among 7000+ Wine, Spirit and Beer Items, and Savingsthat are genuine and offered daily, and not just a manipulation of the numbers.
Service, Selectionand Savings--
All Rolled Into One It's the
Kreston Difference!