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Forty Creek Canadian Whisky Barrel Select

Forty Creek Canadian Whisky Barrel Select 750ML   
Sku: 111167

Notes from John Hall, Whisky Maker Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky is a premium Canadian Whisky. It has been rated the #1 tasting whisky in North America by discerning Whisky Judges and has taken home the most esteemed accolades possible for a whisky. Forty Creek Barrel Select is a blend of high quality grains consisting of rye, barley and corn. To highlight the best characteristics of each grain, they are distilled separately in small batches in our copper pot still and patiently aged in American White Oak barrels. This process brings out the fruitiness and spiciness of the rye, the nuttiness of the barley, and the heartiness of the corn. The barrels chosen for Forty Creek Barrel Select are hand selected for their unique characteristics. They are charred in different levels which create a richness and toasted earthiness in the spirit. These three varietal grain whiskies are barrel aged separately from 6 to 10 years. Forty Creek Barrel Select then goes through one more barrel aging process. The rye, barley, and maize whiskies, are decanted from their barrels, and bring them together. Then they are put into special sherry barrels for an additional 6 months. Sherry Cask Barrels finish the whisky with a silky smoothness on the palate. The Result is a unique handcrafted whisky that is smooth and mellow but also intense and complex with a character of its own.

Country: Canada
Type: Canadian Whisky
Reg. $21.99
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